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About Us

Hooch Booch was born from the Denver prohibition of March 2020 when the mayor deemed liquor stores non-essential (due to COVID-19) and closed them for a brief period. During this time, letting loose felt eerily similar to an era perhaps long forgotten.

Our Founder, Anna Zesbaugh, had been working in luxury hospitality, an industry that seemed to disappear overnight. The combination of the words “Hooch” like prohibition alcohol and “Booch” a nickname for kombucha created the perfect business name. Zesbaugh then took to the streets swiping up a home brew kit, mixing up concoctions, walking into liquor stores with samples and finally landed on the perfect 3 flavors to launch with 9 months later.

From sipping in secret to sipping in society, Hooch Booch is inspired by the roaring 20’s, reimagined for modern living today.