A good cause and A good conversation

A good cause and A good conversation

Starting this quarter, Hooch Booch will be donating to a new organization each quarter going forward. The organization will be chosen based on either reasons that are personal to select individual employees, or for reasons that are important to Hooch Booch as a whole based on our company goals and values. 

This quarter we have teamed up with PocketChange to help us select an organization to donate to. All of the charities PocketChange works with are vetted to ensure that they spend 85% or more of their budget on supporting programs within their institution and stand out in all five of PocketChange’s five guiding principles - Approach Adversity, Sustainable Impact, Financial Efficiency, Total Transparency, and Scaling Focus. So we know we’ll be donating to charities that truly have the best intentions for humanity. 

In addition to helping us select which org we wanted to work with, PocketChange is first and foremost a social media app that allows us to donate $1 for every like and reply in response to whatever we post in the app. With PocketChange we are not only able to donate to a good cause, but we are also able to encourage others using the app to join us in meaningful conversation about said cause. 

For the month of February, we’re donating up to $250 to the International Center for Research on Women. ICRW is a global research institute whose mission is to empower women, advance gender equality and fight poverty. Being a female founded company, we need to put our money where our mouth is - we strive to uplift women in business and this is one of our first steps in doing so. 

Though we’re a young business (we launched less than a year ago) with limited funds and resources to spare, it’s extremely important to us to start giving back now and in a meaningful way so that as we grow, we can continue to make larger contributions and impacts on our community. 

Three easy steps to help us reach our goal by the end of February:

  • Download the PocketChange app

  • Create your own profile and follow @drinkhoochbooch

  • Join us in the conversation around gender equity - every time you like or comment on one of our posts, we’ll donate $1 to the International Center for Research on Women with the goal of hitting $250 total

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