A Paloma With A Twist

A Paloma With A Twist

In case you missed it, we’ve just added a new flavor to the mix. After a year of our original trio - the Clover Club (raspberry + lemon), Old Fashioned (oak, orange + cherry), and Bee’s Knees (honey + lemon) - it was time to expand our product line. Because each of our flavors pair with spirits, we first looked at what was trending in the market – tequila was the winner. Considering our current three flavors paired with whiskey and gin, a tequila pairing was the perfect next step. 

We decided to go with a paloma-inspired hard kombucha - but make it sassy. A paloma with a twist, if you will. Our other flavors are primarily fruit-forward in flavor, so we explored a few different herbal options and ultimately felt sage complimented the tart, hero flavor of grapefruit best. And to replicate a smoky Mezcal paloma, we added a touch of smoke. Thus the Lounge Lizard was born - a deliciously tart, paloma hard kombucha flavor. 

Now the Clover Club, Bee’s Knees, and Old Fashioned are all classic cocktails, but during the Prohibition Era, tequila was still relatively unheard of in the United States. How were we going to add a hard kombucha flavor that paired with tequila, yet was still on-brand with our speakeasy vibes and current classic cocktail-inspired product line? We took to researching speakeasy slang (as we do on the reg) and found that a Lounge Lizard was what people who frequented speakeasies were often called in the 1920s. Lastly, the inspo of the can color? Sage green – a nod to the flavor. 

Enjoy the Lounge Lizard as-is, or dare to go harder? Easy as this: 

  • Pour half a can of Lounge Lizard into your favorite cocktail glass, with or without ice

  • Add a splash of tequila - We recommend Casamigos Blanco or Teremana for a mid-priced yet sophisticated tequila

  • Stir together and add a garnish if you’re feeling fancy – Perhaps a wedge of grapefruit or even a lime.

When we get to the colder months of the year, opt for Mezcal instead. The smoky finish of Mezcal and a sprinkle of nutmeg will make this kombucha cocktail more than worthy of sipping while under a blanket by the fire. We’re taking the Lounge Lizard with us any season of the year.



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