Our expansion to Minnesota

Our expansion to Minnesota

As of this month we’ve officially expanded beyond Colorado and launched Hooch Booch in a new state - Minnesota! Why the hop, skip and jump all the way up there? It was an easy decision. It’s where our founder, Anna Zesbaugh, grew up and lived before moving to Colorado for undergrad at the University of Denver in 2014. Not only is our founder from Minnesota, but our first full-time hire and Director of Sales & Marketing, Gracie Rouse, also grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis. The Minnesotan background made for so many loved ones patiently waiting to try Hooch Booch for almost a year since our launch in Colorado in May of 2021. From childhood friends and parent figures, to old classmates, teammates and co workers, we already had a wide network of folks eager to buy Hooch… and we had to get it to them! 

For our expansion to the midwest we hired our first full time Minnesota-based employee, Sam Krey, who is our rockstar Brand Manager that has been leading the charge since mid-March when we began preliminary sales. Hooch Booch can now be purchased and enjoyed in over 30 locations in the Twin Cities area including bars, restaurants and liquor stores, and our footprint is growing by the day. Looking for Hooch Booch near you? Click here. If you have a favorite place you’d like to see Hooch Booch, email info@drinkhoochbooch.com and we’ll do our best to get it there for you. 

This past Saturday we hosted a launch party to celebrate the expansion to Minnesota. Founder Anna Zesbaugh’s father opened Union 32 Craft House with a few business partners in 2017, making for the perfect venue for the occasion. We served Hooch Booch on tap along with a curated cocktail menu with Du Nord Social Spirits and food., and danced the night away with over 200 incredible supporters.

If you weren’t able to make it to our launch party this past weekend, not to worry – We’ll be hosting and participating in many events and festivals in the future. For updates, follow us on Instagram @drinkhoochbooch or join our email list. 

Stay tuned for where we’re headed next…

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