Ten 1920’s terms to know

Ten 1920’s terms to know

Because Hooch Booch is inspired by the 1920s - reimagined for modern day 2020s, we like to use a lot of old-time jargon in our communication with you all. This month we’re providing you with a list of some of the phrases we like to use so that you can join in on the convo, too!

Old sport:

A classic Great Gatsby reference…it’s an endearing term you can use to call your pals.  “How ya doin, Old sport?”


Swanky, ritzy:

Terms used to describe something that is expensive, fancy. “That’s a swanky dress you have on!”


The Cat’s Pajamas:

The best. “Hooch Booch is the cat’s pajamas!”…wink wink.


Juice joint:

Another word for "speakeasy”. A bar or cocktail lounge. “Tonight we’re headed to the juice joint for a cocktail.”


Giggle water / giggle juice:




Another term for your friend. Old sport and pal? Interchangeable.



A bunch of nonsense. “Oh, you’re full of baloney!”


Hotsy Totsy:

Used to describe something that’s very pleasing or attractive.


Lounge Lizard:

A ladies’ man, or someone who frequented speakeasies during the Prohibition Era. A.K.A our newest flavor :)


hard of the dog:

A shot of liquor, or some sort of alcohol, to help with your hangover… “I’m in need of a little hair of the dog this morning — might order a bloody mary at brunch”

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