To Dry January, or not to Dry January?

To Dry January, or not to Dry January?

Consumers choose to practice Dry January for lots of reasons - save money, avoid hangovers, lose weight, you name it. But why give up the simple pleasure of a boozy beverage on occasion, especially if it offers you additional benefits besides a buzz, such as probiotics?

Let’s take things back to the beginning... Kombucha has been consumed for thousands of years, originating in Northeast China and documented as early as 220 B.C.! Initially regarded for its healing properties, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine still refer to kombucha as an “elixir of life” today. And at Hooch Booch we agree with that whole-heartedly ;) Not only is this fermented tea beverage delicious, it also offers health benefits thanks to the live cultures and probiotics in the bacteria. They help balance your gut flora and have been proven to restore your digestive health, too. Did you know about 70% of your immune system resides in your gut? In the midst of a pandemic and cold/flu season, probiotic-rich beverages like kombucha are essential - whether you’re drinking regular booch or alcoholic booch. 

Okay, thanks for letting us rant quickly about the health benefits of booch - now back to Dry January. At Hooch Booch we say we like our buzz with added benefits… if we’re going to be enjoying an alcoholic beverage, we’d rather choose a hard kombucha that has probiotics for gut health, low sugar, is gluten free, and actually tastes GOOD. You might have already made up your mind about wanting to practice Dry January, so regardless of if you make the switch now or on Feb 1, it’s time to say goodbye to your skinny margaritas and vodka sodas (no, thank you!), because Hooch Booch will have you changing up your “better-for-you” cocktail routine. Let’s face it, does anyone even like vodka sodas? 

We’re all trying to be our best selves in 2022, but there’s no need to give up anything altogether - moderation is key and we sacrificed a lot last year already. Now, we’re not encouraging you to drink alcohol, nor are we saying alcohol is good for you, but there are ways to enjoy alcohol that are much better than others. 

Stay healthy this season, and drink booch.


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