What’s All the Buzz About Hard Kombucha?

What’s All the Buzz About Hard Kombucha?

For those of you who don’t know exactly what kombucha is, it’s a fermented tea, typically made with green or black tea, combined with a colony of bacteria and yeast. You might have heard the word/acronym SCOBY before - it refers to said colony of bacteria and stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. You can thank the SCOBY for giving kombucha its effervescence and tasty tartness. At Hooch Booch, we make hard kombucha, which is fermented multiple times, and for a few weeks. We use simple, organic ingredients to provide the best booch for you - with water, organic tea, kombucha culture, cane sugar, organic fruit purees, and champagne yeast (the gold standard of brewing yeast) rounding out our entire ingredients list for all three flavors. We source our  ingredients locally when possible, including Teatulia Tea, Rocky Mountain spring water, and honey from Clark’s Honey Farm in Evans, Colorado.

Although we won’t get into the health benefits side too much right now, hard kombucha is growing in popularity mainly because of the probiotics it is comprised of, which promote good gut health. Hard kombucha is also an amazing gluten free alternative to various other malt beverages - over the past 5-10 years, the category of hard seltzers has become crowded, and popular interest is turning quickly to fermented tea beverages instead. According to Statista, revenue of the hard kombucha market is projected to double between now and 2024, growing to 3 billion dollars. With consumers turning to healthier or “better for you” beverage options, more and more brands of hard kombucha are beginning to emerge. 

Most hard kombucha brands sit between 2% and 7% alcohol content, while Hooch Booch boasts a whopping 8.5%. We aren’t stopping there - we propose that you can enjoy our three flavors as-is, or dare to go harder? Add a splash of the spirit suggested on the can to recreate the classic cocktail in just two steps. Old Fashioned of course pairs with your favorite bourbon, the Bee’s Knees with gin, and the Clover Club with gin as well. At Hooch Booch, we’re shaking things up by combining timeless cocktail flavors with a better-for-you beverage, providing the ultimate hard kombucha for anyone willing to go against the grain and try something new. Have we tickled your tastebuds on hard booch yet? Stay tuned for more boozy blog posts to come. Cheers!

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